Shimoda's Illusion

Fleet Foxes / Cover Art

"when you first see that painting it’s very bucolic, but when you look closer there’s all this really strange stuff going on, like dudes defecating coins into the river and people on fire, people carving a live sheep, this weird dude who looks like a tree root sitting around with a dog. There’s all this really weird stuff going on. I liked that the first impression is that it’s just pretty, but then you realize that the scene is this weird chaos. I like that you can’t really take it for what it is, that your first impression of it is wrong."

  • Fleet Foxes 
  • Helplessness Blues
  • Sun Giant

Being John Malkovich (1999)

written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze 

/with few dollar you can enter into the head of the star John Malkovich for fifteen minutes/

John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener, John Malkovich

  • Legna / Gazebo Penguins
  • Ormai / Fine Before You Came 
  • Giorgio / Do Nascimiento
  • Splittone Paura / Do Nascimiento, Gazebo Penguins & Verme

adesso ho voglia di rompere a testate la finestra di camera mia e di buttare giù l’armadio a spallate, detto questo, vado a farmi un thè

Jonny Greenwood & Thom Yorke’s blonde hair

"Pablo Honey hairstyle"

Black Mirror

• The National Anthem
• 15 Million Merits
• The Entire History of You

"technological control of the mind"

television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker

Robert Doisneau;

tattooed people

Skate in Venice Beach ‘75


Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams

The Walking Dead,

behind the scenes with zombies

(tv series by Frank Darabont)

This is England, a film by Shane Meadows

skinhead, racism, violence, England


Damon Albarn & Jamie Hawlett since 1998

2D, Noodle, Murdoc, Russel

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight,

Jesse & Cèline, Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy

Richard Linklater

Pete Doherty & Carl Barat

The Libertines, /time for heroes/

Basquiat & Madonna, 

The radiant child and Madge by Stephen Torton

redhead / blonde

Kate Moss in Self Service, Juergen Teller

stasera mi sento un valvonauta, che in sostanza, non vuol dire nulla